The adorable woman pictured above is Rose Bartush, the brave bride who hired me for my first wedding!  After training for several months with Spike Gillespie to become an officiant, I was wondering who would take a gamble on me and let me actually perform their ceremony?!   I was kind of an unknown entity and someone just had to go for it.  Well, divine intervention had Rose's original officiant cancel at the last minute (sad for her / happy for me!).  Rose and I knew each other through friends and were connected by Facebook.  And, having really rather limited options, if I'm honest, Rose gave me a shot.  I just knew I could do it.  And, I did!  It turns out all I needed was one successful wedding under my belt to confidently book more... and more... and more.   A few weeks ago I performed my 250th wedding in just over 2 years!

As we know from my last blog post, my officiating work quickly evolved into a quest for me to have my own venue.  And, here we are.  Once we finally worked out the zoning and bought the church, we had to figure out what to actually do with it.  I left for Europe the day after we closed on the property (I have another business called Women on the Verge Vacations), so Chris was left to start the renovations.  The first step?  Find an architect.  He put a few feelers out and, miraculously, found Rose on his own.  I forgot to mention that she's an architect.  Check out her amazing work here.   Evidently, Chris started explaining the project and Rose was like, "I know.  Your wife married us."  (Or, something like that!  I was in Prague but like to imagine that's how it went down.)

Anyway, Rose was a fantastic match for us on lots of levels.  Her own wedding was awesome and shared a similar aesthetic to what I'm hoping to do with the Pearl Snap Hall.  She got married at the Palm Door on Sabine.   So, kind of a vintage, cool vibe.  (New discoveries in demo at Pearl Snap reveal that there is beadboard throughout the building, so it's going to actually look a lot like Mercury Hall, which is - hands down - one of my favorite venues of all time.  Score!)  Here are her plans for Pearl Snap Hall:

Pearl Snap Hall is a true labor of love.  We have so many friends helping us.  My friend Myra Adkins, General Manager for Word of Mouth Catering, was kind enough to give me a few hours of her time to visit the site and talk about party and wedding flow, furniture rentals, and also what caterers need in a venue.   My friend, photographer, Susan Gaetz, shot weddings for years and spent time with me on Sunday to discuss the venue from a photographer's perspective (what you would see in the background of shots,  where couples would go after the ceremony to do photos, etc.).  Susan is also an avid gardener, so I got some landscaping advice to boot! 

And, Rose.  I love that she was my first bride and that she then helped us create the vision for our next step, our venue.  There's a certain symmetry to that which is lovely.

Pearl Snap Hall is a charming wedding venue and event space is historic Georgetown, Texas.  Contact us for information about hosting your Central Texas/Austin area event with us!