Our project is coming along!  We have gone back to basics and are continually surprised, and thrilled(!), with our new discoveries.  Essentially, the good stuff is still under the bad stuff that someone put on in the 70s.  We've got beadboard on literally every surface in the hall, wood floors beneath the carpet and tile, beautiful wood exterior siding beneath the tacky vinyl siding...  It's all there, just waiting to breathe!  I'll post some remodeling pics below.  As Virginia Slims says, "we've come a long way, baby".  Still miles to go, but we are excited and motivated!  This is truly "the little church that could".  We're grateful to be its owner and caretaker.  Follow our progress on Facebook.

Pearl Snap Hall is a charming wedding venue and event space is historic Georgetown, Texas.  Contact us for information about hosting your Central Texas/Austin area event with us!